Bilingual Counseling Center provides the following services:

Assessments:         $60.00

Alcohol/Drug Assessments consist of completion of a comprehensive bio-psycho-social history that includes clinical tools; including a Treatment Assessment Protocol and ASAM criteria.


Once a client has completed their assessment, they will be informed as to whether they should complete an Education program or a Treatment program.  The full detail of how many sessions the client should attend will be explained and they will receive documentation for their lawyer, probation, etc.


Education sessions:  $40.00

Addresses the psychological and physiological effects of the disease model of addiction


Therapy sessions:  $40.00

Focused on assisting the client in identifying the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that revolve around the use of alcohol and/or drugs.  Client will be referred to support groups such as Alcoholic Anonymous (AA), Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), and/or Narcotic Anonymous (NA).


Individual sessions:  $60.00

Individual treatment plans are developed that identifies the client’s strengths, needs and abilities of the client.  During the planning process, goals, objectives and interventions are developed as a guideline for treatment.  Treatment plans are evaluated and updated at least every 90 days to ensure the quality of treatment.  Client will be asked to take random drug tests to monitor compliance with program rules and regulations.


Each client will be reviewed on an individual basis depending on their strengths, needs and abilities.  Simply be seeing a client’s legal history or their BAC level at the time of their arrest will not be sufficient information to determine the appropriate level program for them; the decision of how many sessions the client should complete is made only by a certified Substance Abuse Counselor upon conducting a complete evaluation.

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